Why Visit Serengeti National Park?

The Mane Tours, Ltd. Tanzanian tour is one of our more popular safari tours and is most frequently booked as an add-on by Kilimanjaro climbers or Zanzibar divers.  This unforgettable tour will take you to the Serengeti Plains National Park, the heart of wild Africa and a massive wilderness of 145,00 square km, where every day brings a new landscape and a new adventure.

Our Tours to Serengeti National Park

"Endless plains and lions galore."

At least in part due to the very ready supply of prey, the Serengeti’s big cat population is second to none. There are an estimated 3,000 lions in the park, more than 10% of Africa’s entire lion population. Over the course of 3 days in the park in March 2015, I would estimate we saw more than 100 lions, sometimes in prides of up to 15.
Christopher Clark