Why Visit Maasai Mara Reserve?

Maasai Mara is Kenya’s finest wildlife sanctuary, including migrants, well over 450 species of animals have been recorded there. Although July, August and September are the months when the Mara plains are filled with great migration of wildebeest and zebra, there is also resident wildlife year-round.  The famous Maasai tribesmen live within the dispersal area of the game reserve.

Our Tours Packages to Maasai Mara

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"The Masai Mara – the million wildebeest march!"

There are certain moments in life when timing just works. I had timed my trip to the Mara for late September in hopes that I would be there for the great migration. It was difficult waking up at 4am but the promise of my first hot air balloon flight more than made up for it. With extraordinary luck, the wildebeest decided to start heading south that morning. As we floated above the earth in a basket, a long thin trail of animals plodded patiently across the golden grasslands for as far as the eye could see... "
Melissa Shales